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    Learner Services


    The Learner Services team provides qualified and experienced Student Advisers to assist staff with any issues prospective, current or former learners may be experiencing. The team provides a number of specific services listed below and each member of the team takes a linked responsibility with a specific area of the college.


    Room A 19 Student One Centre, Percival Whitley building.

    Opening Hours:

    Mon – Weds: 10 - 3.30pm
    Thurs: 10 – 7pm
    Fri: 10 – 3.30


    Student Advisers Internal: 9367 (5 Lines)

    External 01422 399367

    Email: advice&guidance@calderdale.ac.uk


    Individual Extensions and Email links:





    Majid Bokhari

    Admissions and Learner Services Manager

    Ext 615


    Michael Learoyd

    Student Adviser

    Ext 9150


    Jamila Riaz

    Student Adviser

    Ext 9026


    Rizwan Anjum

    Student Adviser

    Ext 9179


    Leah Murphy

    Counselling Coordinator and Student Adviser

    Ext 9789


    Amy Thomas

    Learner Services Receptionist

    Ext 9180


    Paula Bowers

    Senior Finance Administrator

    Ext 9370


    Louise Seddon

    Finance Administrator

    Ext 9178


    Emma Leary

    Finance Administrator

    Ext 9790


    Elaine Walker

    Careers Adviser (16-18) 

    Ext 9316


    Renuka Mistry

    Careers Adviser (19+)

    Ext 9316


  • Higher Education

    Student Advisers in Student Services can assist you with Information, Advice and Guidance on a wide range of topics relating to Higher Education courses. 

    The dedicated HE Officer in Student Services is Leah Murphy.

    The information on this page can assist you if you are a level 3 student wanting to progress onto Higher Education, or if you are already on a Higher Education course with Calderdale College.

    This can range from advice on choosing a University, Helping you apply for Student Finance or to University through UCAS.

    If you are already studying a Higher Education course with Calderdale College we can advise & support with returning finance applications, Financial hardship issues, advice on where you can top up your qualification to BA Hons degree.

    We also have C&K Careers advisers for 16-18 (Elaine Walker) & 19+ (Renuka Mistry), or speak to a Student Adviser if you want guidance on what to do next and/or career opportunities.

    Calderdale College run Higher Education courses in Partnership with Leeds Metropolitan University and Huddersfield Universities as well as HNC/HND's verified internally.

    Calderdale College is part of UCAS  our UCAS is Code C02.

    Please note:  Whilst the contents of this page is provided to assist you, and is reviewed and updated regularly, Calderdale College cannot verify the authenticity of the information provided by external sources.

  • UCAS

  • Learner Involvement Officer

    Learner Involvement


    The Learner Involvement Officer is based in room B29.  

  • Young Adult Carers

    Figures released in May 2013, from the 2011 census, show that there has been a 25% increase in the number of young adult carers, aged 16-25. Research conducted by NIACE and others, and widespread anecdotal evidence shows that young adult carers are far more likely to be NEET (not in education, employment or training) than their peers, and that they experience a range of difficulties and disadvantage, including poverty, isolation, physical and mental health difficulties which have consequences for them, and their families, throughout their lives.

  • Careers Advice

    Careers Advice

    There are two careers advisers from C&K Careers working in college: Elaine Walker and Renuka Mistry. Our priorities are to work with full time learners under and over 20 offering information, advice and guidance and by doing so improve college retention and achievement. During the year we target learners on courses at level 2 and below and will see level 3 students by self or tutor referral. Elaine is the 16-18 Careers advisor wheres Renuka is the 19+ Careers Advisor.

    For students who will be seeking employment or an apprenticeship we can offer help with producing or updating a CV, job applications and interview preparation, either individually or in groups.

    We are part of the Student Services team based on A floor in Advice and Guidance (A19). Elaine works in college 3 days a week and Renuka works in college 1 day a week. Our extension is 9316 and our e mail addresses are elainew@calderdale.ac.uk and renukam@calderdale.ac.uk.