• Armistice Day - 11th November

    • College Event

      Armistice Day 2017

      The Annual Armistice Day 2 Minute Observation of silence will be taking place on Friday 10th November at 11:00am We welcome groups to join the EDI team and fellow staff and students in observing this in the B-Floor Learning Centre.

      Red and Black

      We are aiming to create a sea of red and black with everyone stood together in the LRC, so we encourage all students and staff to wear red and black on Friday 10th if possible.

      College Activities

      On the 10th a Poppy board will be available and learners will be encouraged to stamp their finger with red paint to create a poppy and write a message. A display will also be in the library with other information about Armistice Day.


      Printable and Digital resources are available here: http://moodle.calderdale.ac.uk/course/view.php?id=8592 and will be updated throughout this week for use.

      • College Commemoration


        Jane O'Dowd's learners Are creating an amazing piece of artwork with different materials for the event, this will be permanently fixed to the wall in the new LRC.

        The Engineering Students developed this beautiful wreath two years ago, with the support of joinery and P&D students, the artwork will have a permanent place here in the College

        ESL Learners create poppies for the event


        Poppy Wall: student fingerprint poppies



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          poppy infographic

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