• General

    Deaf Awareness Week is a unique campaign in that so many different organisations participate, each able to promote their own work within the broad spectrum of deafness.

    It is a fine example of so many organisations collaborating and working together in a joint campaign.

    • Deaf Awareness Event

      Wednesday 17th May 2017 10-1:00 in the reception area

      Learn basic BSL with Daryl

      Find out what it's like to be deaf, watch a video without the use of hearing, what information can you find out from a video without using your sense of hearing?

      Deaf awareness videos running through the week in the reception.

      • College Support

        Pagers for learners in the event of emergencies

        Notetakers and Signers.

        Independence Traning and Travel Training

        Hearing Loops - eFloor and gFloor has hearing loops in all rooms, and D Floor has them in most rooms, learning center.

        • Learning Resources